Amendment Of Regulation Regarding Employee Consent For Overtime

Overtime in Turkey is regulated by Article 41 of the Labour Act (4857) and the Regulation on Overtime. According to the Labour Act, employee consent is required for overtime. Before the recent amendment was introduced, overtime was regulated by the Regulation on Overtime, under which employers were obliged to obtain the written consent of employees for overtime at the beginning of each year. However, the obligation of receiving employee consent annually was highly criticised […]

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Top Labor And Employment Issues In Automotive To Watch In 2018

Although the Trump administration made a mark on labor and employment policy at the federal level in 2017, employers can expect greater movement in 2018 once more of Trump’s nominees for federal agencies take office and implement more business-friendly policy changes. Increasing media coverage about sexual harassment and racism in the workplace also demonstrates that employers must continue to comply with longstanding employment laws.

This post discusses the top labor and employment issues that will […]

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What To Expect In UK Employment Law In 2018: GDPR, Brexit Negotiations & More

Whilst 2017 was anticipated to be a fairly static year for employment law that did not in fact prove to be the case, and there were various notable developments, including the following:

The landmark defeat of the employment tribunal fees regime introduced by the Government in 2013.
The release of the hotly anticipated ” Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices”.
A flurry of case law on employment status in the gig economy, demonstrating a clear trend towards the […]

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