What To Expect In UK Employment Law In 2018: GDPR, Brexit Negotiations & More

Whilst 2017 was anticipated to be a fairly static year for employment law that did not in fact prove to be the case, and there were various notable developments, including the following:

The landmark defeat of the employment tribunal fees regime introduced by the Government in 2013.
The release of the hotly anticipated ” Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices”.
A flurry of case law on employment status in the gig economy, demonstrating a clear trend towards the […]

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The Supreme Court Of Canada Interprets Workplace Discrimination Broadly

In British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal v. Schrenk, 2017 SCC 62, the Supreme Court of Canada considered the scope of section 13(1) of BC’s Human Rights Code, which concerns discrimination “regarding employment or any term or condition of employment.” The Supreme Court held that this provision is not only limited to protecting employees from discrimination perpetrated by their employer or superiors. Rather, applying a broad and liberal interpretation to the section, the Supreme Court held that section […]

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India: Validity Of Non-Compete Clause In An Employment Agreement

The Constitution of India, in accordance with Article 19 (1) (g), confers on each and every citizen with the fundamental right to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. This right, however, is not absolute in nature and is subject to reasonable restrictions. One such restriction is the non-compete clause in an employment agreement.
Importance of non-compete clause:
A company endeavors to protect its business, safeguard its confidential information and the sensitive business knowledge bestowed upon […]

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