A Guide To Saudi Employment Law 2018-2019

The basis of Saudi Arabia’s employment legislation framework is fashioned on two pillars. The first pillar is the Royal Decree Number M/51 23 Sha’ban 1426/27 September 2005, with amendments announced in Royal Decree number M/46 of 05/05/1436H (The Labor Law).

The second pillar is the “Implementing Regulations” of the Labor Law. The Labor Law contains detailed provisions that address matters such as, recruitment, employment of non-Saudi personnel, employment contracts, termination of employment, and working conditions. […]

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2018: Year Of The Employer? Two Helpful Decisions On Termination Clauses

Two recent Ontario cases have continued a recent trend of employer-friendly decisions regarding the enforceability of termination clauses. These cases reinforce the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in Amberber v IBM Canada Ltd1 (which we wrote about here) which found that judges should not strain themselves to try and find ambiguity in employment contracts.

Raposo v CA Canada Company2

Mr. Raposo was a Senior Business Technical Architect employed by CA Canada Company, the Canadian subsidiary of an American software […]

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Trial period provisions continue to cause headaches for employers

The recent Employment Court case of Roach v Nazareth Care Charitable Trust Board [2018] NZEmpC 123 provides a timely reminder that caution is required when relying on a 90 day trial period:

Mr Roach was offered the job of Business Manager at Nazareth. Mr Roach signed an employment agreement which contained a trial period, and the parties agreed on a start date.

However, before Mr Roach started work as the Business Manager, he was offered the […]

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