Timing Is Everything: Ensuring Your Employment Agreements Are Enforceable

Most employers know the value of having written employment agreements in place for their non-union or excluded employees, particularly when it comes to setting out obligations relating to termination. However, the timing of when a contract is signed can make all the difference to whether it is legally binding and you can rely on its terms, or whether common law principles apply instead.

The concept behind this issue is that in order to create an […]

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Canada: More Employee Benefits On The Horizon

The year 2017 is seeing significant changes in labour and employment matters across Canada. Several jurisdictions, including the federal government, are amending their labour and employment regimes. With the introduction of Bill C-44, the federal government has adopted significant reforms to the Employment Insurance Act and the Canada Labour Code.

While federally regulated employers will want to pay close attention, it is worth noting that these reforms are already trickling down to the provincial level. Indeed, […]

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San Francisco-Peculiarities: The Citys Ultra-Unique Employment Landscape

Minimum wage is an example of San Francisco taking the lead and inspiring changes to state law. On July 1, 2017, San Francisco’s minimum wage officially increased to $14.00 per hour; on July 1, 2018, it will jump to $15.00. The rates apply to all employees who work at least two hours per week within the City or County of SF. The City approved these rate increases years before the California Legislature followed suit in passing […]

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