The utility is primarily meant for PCs with hard disk drives, so if you have a computer with a solid state drive , CHKDSK isn’t necessary. SSDs come with a built-in system to deal with errors. The first sign that a hard disk drive is about to fail is when you encounter logical errors on the disk. When a drive incurs this kind of operational bug, the unreadable parts of the drive are reclassified as bad sectors. The current version download missing file of Alien Registry Viewer works in the read-only mode, i.e. you can view but you cannot edit registry files. Notice that –r is used to load a registry hive file, while –p is used to load a specific plugin module. You can use –l to list all of the available plugins .

Automatic updates often improve the use and security of Windows, though these updates can eventually slow down an older computer. This will prompt a drop-down menu.On older versions of Windows 10, you’ll click your profile picture in the upper-left corner of the Windows Store. Open the “Configure Automatic Updates” properties window. Right-click the selected Configure Automatic Updates item, then click Edit in the resulting drop-down menu. Doing so will search your computer for the Run program. Click the gear-shaped icon in the lower-left side of the Start menu.

  • For this, you must have a bootable CD/DVD or flash drive so that you can reset your password using a command prompt.
  • Open Run command box by pressing Windows key + R then type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.
  • In some cases, this will mean doing a thorough reset of Windows Update.

Now press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start the Task manager. Then select all the services listed in the window and click Deactivate all. To fix all issues at once, click Fix All Selected Issues. Click OK. Once all issues have been fixed, click Close. Choose a location where to save the Registry backup. You’ll see a progress bar and a list of potential issues.

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The update installation process will fail if you restart your PC during this process. To find out exactly what happens, we ran some tests. This could take the form of a major OS update for Windows 10 later this year that would bring a major design refresh to the UI, according to a report from Windows Central. The update, reportedly code-named Sun Valley, could bring a redesigned Start menu, Action Center and File Explorer, with a more modern look and new features. Sun Valley is expected to be released around the 2021 holiday season, Windows Central says, but that could change. According to Digital Trends, the update also includes new icons, updated settings pages and some tweaks to Cortana and the search box experience.

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But in Windows Explorer just right-click on any directory with Shift key pressed and click on “Open command window here”. This works everywhere where you can open directory context menu.

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These updated features should make the overall Windows 10 experience better for users. But for the most part, the updated features are subtle under-the-hood changes–nothing a typical user will notice or have to deal with in terms of changing default configuration settings. Next, click onCheck for updatesunder theWindows Updatemenu. Don’t worry, clicking on check for updates doesn’t automatically install a new update now.

The location for system registry files in Windows NT is %SystemRoot%\System32\Config; the user-specific HKEY_CURRENT_USER user registry hive is stored in Ntuser.dat inside the user profile. There is one of these per user; if a user has a roaming profile, then this file will be copied to and from a server at logout and login respectively.