The Atlanta Hawks surprisingly kicked off the season with excellent results after their first 11 games (9-2). Moreover, the club of coach Mike Badenholzer became the first and so far the only one who won the match against the leaders of the East – the Cavaliers, who played with LeBron James in the. However, now the team is playing with the same coaching staff, which is “Charlotte Hornets”. Coach Steve Clifford’s club has more to lose this season (7-3). However, the tactical schemes of the “Charlotte” look quite combat. This means that we have to enjoy the game of the coaches, where sometimes performance skills are not as important as execution of the mentors’ idea.

On the eve of the game, the infirmary should be noted, where Atlanta has Dwight Howard, Thabo Sefolosha and Mike Scott. At the same time, it must be said that Sefolosha and Howard may well go to the upcoming meeting. Both have a status that a decision on them will be made immediately before the start of the match. If you look at the injuries themselves, Howard has more chances to enter the floor than Sefolosh, from which it is worth starting off in the analysis of the upcoming match.

Let me remind you that in the last match against the “Bucks” “Atlanta” played with such a truncated composition, having won that match (107: 100). But there were failures in the game. So, leading at the beginning of the third quarter with a difference of 24 points, the Hawks missed a spurt, which allowed the opponent to reduce the gap to only three points with 6:58 to complete the fourth. Here Atlanta changed the line-up again, releasing the starting basketball players, and the failure began already with Bucks.

As Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. for the Hornets, Cambo Walker looks very interesting, who has 49.1 percent of the game this season. This is very important because in the previous five championships his best result in this category was only 42.7. I think that one should expect sparkling basketball from Walker. Moreover, fouls on him should be expected from Denis Schroeder, who will play with him in personal custody. In this regard, I will try to predict the victory of the Hornets with a handicap (-3) points.