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Fernando Hurtado is a highly recommended labor lawyer based in Santiago, Chile.

He has extensive experience in several commercial legal areas and specializes in labor, social security and international trade law. His labor practice has been focused mainly on assistance to companies, but he also has experience undertaking the defense of individuals in qualified cases.

Mr. Hurtado graduated from Pontificie Universidad Catolica de Chile in 1970; Master on Comparative Jurisprudence from New York University. Prior to founding Hurtado Abogados, Mr. Hurtado was a Partner of the firm Urenda; Rencoret; Orrego and Dörr and was a member of the Labor Commission of AmCham.

He has actively participated in several seminars in the country and abroad and is the author of several legal articles in specialized magazines, both Chilean and international. Mr. Hurtado is a member of The Bar Association of Chile.

The Labor Law Practice

The Firm’s labor law practice comprises daily assistance to companies in their relationship with authorities; workers and unions, the preparation of work contracts; representation of clients before the Labor Board; defense on litigation; collective bargaining; assistance on social securities matters and taxation of salaries and compensations in general.

Hurtado Abogados

The Firm was founded in 2011 by a team of attorneys with sound professional background. In 2012 Hurtado Abogados formed an association with the law firm Mira y Cia. Abogados.

The firm and associate teams is actually conformed by the lawyers: Fernando Hurtado Morales; Enrique Mira Gazmuri; Marina Oñaate Urrutia; Javiera Mira Llodrá  and Andrés Labbe Cortés.

Hurtado Abogados is oriented in the practice of commercial law, with significant emphasis on labor; social security; and immigration law; international trade as well as both civil and commercial litigation.

The Firm is comprised of a diverse team of attorneys, bringing varied expertise and backgrounds to the practice. From attorneys with broad legal trajectory and international experience to attorneys who recently began their practice, but poses the same key characteristic; the search for excellence in their work.

In order to render assistance to the clients in the fields of tax; salaries and payroll areas, the firm works with Tax Consultores, who are specialists in these areas.

Empresa Nacional del Petroleo; Embajada de Japon; Entelgy Chile.; Club Hípico de Santiago S.A; Hellmann Worldwide Logistics; Estrella Petrolera de Chile; UR Global; Blue Express S.A; Yara Chile; Comercializadora y Exportadora El Tranque; Inmobiliaria La Mañana S.A.
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