If you have more than one program installed from the same author you will find entries for each under the software author’s folder. Root keys are the top level keys in the database, their name all start with HKEY. In general, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE keeps the computer level settings, while HKEY_CURRENT_USER has the settings for the current user. When a program wants to access a certain setting it should first look into HKEY_CURRENT_USER then search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for the key.

  • We fixed an issue that might prevent a Windows 10 device from reaching the internet when using a wireless wide area network LTE modem.
  • You can also use treesize pro in order to find out which files are taking spaces on your pc.
  • In Windows 8, the Start screen and apps from the Microsoft Store might run in full-screen mode, even if you do not use a tablet or a device with ‘touch’.
  • Over the years, Microsoft has beefed up the Windows 10 Settings app to integrate more options from the legacy Control Panel, though the Windows 7-style app can still be useful for power users.

If users prefer, they can also bring up Cortana with a Win + C keyboard command for a quick search. It is an efficient system but if you have numerous Windows 10 devices around saying ‘Hey Cortana’ could cause a small ruckus. In Windows 10 users can still use the Snap feature to split an app on one side of the display with another on the other side. This feature makes working with documents or programs a breeze. Although Snap is not new, there are some improvements in Windows 10. For instance, you can now snap up to four apps onto a display. There is also a new ‘snap assist feature’ the lets you pick which app you want to snap to the other half of the screen.

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Display session comes up and the II is in blue so it is active but if you click on it nothing happens. You can select CTRL ALT DOWN and move to it and then select I to get back to the display session but then once again I cannot select the printer. – turn on the unit and during first stage of boot press Ctrl+C to exit the boot program and go to the DOS prompt. The text color is black so you cannot see what you are typing.

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Windows 10 is also very smart about this whole desktop versus tablet mode. For one, you can override it at any time with a simple toggle in the Action Center. You can also have the OS ask you each time you add or remove a keyboard, or set a default so that it always changes or never changes modes. I think this let’s leave it to the user is the right approach. The OS holds your hand through the process in an elegant and smart way. Once explained, this separation makes sense but if you are a Groove Music Pass holder, finding the download menu button in the Groove app is not evident.

The viewer gained some additional filtering after the October 2018 update, and you can find it in the Microsoft Store. I find the second panel very useful, as it’s much faster to quickly pull up a Wikipedia page, image search, or just to check some random data compared to opening a browser first. Cortana recently lost the ability to track packages, though, so if you appreciated that info, you’ll now need to look for it in Windows Mail. Otherwise, Cortana hasn’t changed all that much since the April Update.

It can vary from person-to-person depending on individual working habits and styles. If you’re careful enough, you’ll find there’s a Secure Boot option in the Acer Boot menu. Actually, it’s a unique and innovative feature designed to stop malicious software or unauthorized media from loading during the startup process. Press the right arrow on the keyboard to select the Boot menu tab. By default, the Acer computer boots from a hard drive. If you want to boot Acer from USB on Windows 10, you’ll need to change the boot order in BIOS.

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The registry is a database in Windows that contains important information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user accounts on the computer. Windows 7 often reads and updates the information in the registry. In the previous section, you’ve determined that Windows resides on the drive D in WinRE. Now you can fire up the offline registry editor and load the offline registry hives for editing.

If yes, you will need to remove that keyboard from your machine. The additional keyboard can make some changes to your system and you will not be able to use some keys, in our example, it can be Alt + Tab. We will show you how to remove Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro on Windows 10. If you are using another keyboard, please uninstall it by following this procedure.