Safe Work Australia recently released three reports on workplace exposure to lead, formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which was in furtherance of the results of a 5000 worker 2011/12 Australian Work Exposures Study into 38 identified workplace carcinogens.

Often enough it is the things that employers cannot see that can cause the most harm to employees. The abovementioned noxious fumes in particular have been linked to an increased incidence of cancers. The importance of not only making sure there are control measures in place in your workplace, but also that they are both used and adequate is important.

The study revealed that respirators were often not suited to the application of filtering out these particular toxins in the workplace, if used at all.

Should you require an assessment and advice on the adequacy of your workplace hazard control measures before your workers become ill or your workplace is audited by the regulator, then contact us to arrange a comprehensive assessment to ensure that you are taking all reasonably practicable steps to eliminate or minimise the chances of your workers being harmed at work.