The deadline for compliance with WorkSafeBC’s bullying and harassment policies was last November 1, 2013.  We’d like to remind all BC employers that certain obligations under the policies require an annual review.

As we discussed in an earlier post, the policies set out nine requirements for employers to meet:

  1. Develop a policy statement about workplace bullying and harassment not being acceptable or tolerated.
  2. Take steps to prevent or minimize workplace bullying and harassment.
  3. Develop and implement procedures for reporting bullying and harassment, and specifically provide for reporting an incident when the alleged harasser is the employer, a superviosr or someone acting on behalf of the employer.
  4. Develop and implement procedures for investigating, following up and recording complaints of bullying and harassment.
  5. Inform workers of the policy statement in 1 and the steps taken in 2.
  6. Train supervisors and workers on workplace bullying and harassment.
  7. Annually review 1 – 4.
  8. Not engage in bullying and harassment of workers and supervisors.
  9. Apply and comply with policies and procedures on bullying and harassment.

We expect many employers will be approaching the annual date for a review of numbers 1-4, above. Accordingly, it is time to begin the process of reviewing policies and procedures surrounding bullying and harassment. As part of that process, employers will want to ensure they create and maintain a written record of compliance with the review process.