Rigzone interviewed several industry executives about employee engagement. Take a look at what they had to say.

Employee engagement has a lot to do with trust. It’s important for workers to feel like someone is looking out for them, because a lot of times, workers can have more loyalty to one person than to the company itself, if they trust and respect that person. Employers who are open with their employees and keep them informed are more likely to have loyal employees.

These criteria must be met for full employee engagement:

  • Loyalty or commitment
  • Motivation
  • Satisfaction with tasks, pay, and benefits

Employee loyalty varies somewhat from one generation to the next. Baby Boomers have usually had the most loyalty to the company, although that may be shifting. Generation X (those around 40 and 50 years old) are about evenly split, with half their loyalty to the company and half to themselves. Then you have Millennials, whose loyalty is mainly to themselves. Inspiring loyalty in employees more often comes from loyalty to one person, and loyalty to the company is secondary. This is especially true of Millennials.

As companies shift and adapt in the current climate, management should use the opportunity to redefine what jobs will look like, change roles within the organization, and provide more training to meet those needs.

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Article by Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP of Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP