Andria Ryan’s article “How To Prevent, Handle Employee Theft” was featured in Hotel News Now on December 19, 2014.

Employee theft is an age-old problem. Hotels present numerous opportunities for theft from guests and the house. No employer hires an employee thinking he or she is someday going to steal. Hoteliers need to take steps to prevent theft and be cautious in taking action against an employee after a suspected theft. Both have practical and legal implications.

In the article, Andria provides hoteliers with tips on how to minimize and handle employee theft.

Review security measures and processes regularly to help prevent theft.
Firing an employee who is accused of stealing can involve hidden traps.
The best loss prevention involves good procedures for hiring, training and supervision of employees.
While hoteliers can take steps to reduce employee theft, eliminating it entirely is likely an impossibility. By following a few best practices, employers can limit the potential liability in employee theft situations and diminish the potential for the insult of an expensive lawsuit on top of the injury of employee theft.