Labor Law And The Challenges Of Artificial Intelligence

Digital technology has already changed working methods. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), we are just at the beginning of a unparallel transformation that will affect not only the labor and employment market but also working relationships. What does exactly mean AI’s impact on working relationships? When we say working relationships, it implies labor law.

Labor and employment law should be used as a legal tool to steer the obvious changes brought by AI […]

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Asia Employment Law: 2018 Review

Asia’s legal and human resources advisors are often required to function across multiple jurisdictions. Staying on top of employment-related legal developments is important but can be challenging.

To help keep you up to date, Mayer Brown produces the Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review, an e-publication covering 14 jurisdictions in Asia.

In this twenty-first edition, we flag and provide comment on anticipated employment law developments during the third quarter of 2018 and highlight some of the major legislative, […]

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Major Changes to the Canada Labour Code

On October 29, 2018, Bill C-86, the Budget Implementation Act (the “Bill”), received its first reading in the House of Commons. The Bill proposes substantial changes that will affect federally-regulated workplaces under the Canada Labour Code which are subject to come into effect on January 1, 2019. A general overview of some of the Bill’s key changes are as follows:

Rest Periods
Employees will be entitled to:

A 30 minute unpaid break for every 5 consecutive hours of work. […]

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